Brenda has been working with trance for over 54 years and has given many demonstrations throughout the UK. There are very few Deep Trance / Physical Mediums working in public as many mediums are unable to achieve this level of communication.

Throughout the demonstration there is an opportunity for you to direct questions to the Spirit during their communication.

In the trance state Brenda’s voice pattern, accent, tone and general manner of speech may differ from normal.
Whilst in trance Brenda allows the ‘Spirit(s)’ to share her voice box and body so that they may convey their messages, words of wisdom and information. The spirit does not ‘possess’ Brenda or force her out of her body.

During the demonstration there may be more than one spirit speaking at once, there may be transfiguration (when the medium’s face or body changes appearance) or other manifestations. Depending on the venue facilities, the demonstration will usually be carried out in a cabinet with a red light.

Brenda often works with her eyes open and sometimes fixes her gaze in a certain direction which some people find a little alarming. Please be aware she cannot see you and is unaware that she is doing this. If you become uncomfortable at any time during the demonstration please attract the attention of the earthly control so that they can take measures for you to be able to leave the room without any harm to the medium.

It is very important that there are no sudden noises, camera or torch flashes, or disturbances of any kind. You must not touch the medium while she is in trance or enter or leave the room during this time. All mobile phones must be switched off and there must be no talking other than to ask questions as directed by the earthly control.

As with all mediumship, trance and physical is experimental and there are no guarantees of how communication will take place and who will communicate.

Brenda is available for trance demonstration and seance evenings between 1st October and 15th March each year or 11.30pm onwards anytime of year by special arrangement.

If you would like to know more please contact us.

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