Our experienced team offer our services for Tarot and Dine or Tarot and Drink evenings to various restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, casinos (including Grosvenor Casino) etc., in Sheffield and other locations around Yorkshire, London and other areas in the UK on a regular basis. These evenings are proving to be very popular and are the ideal fun night out. We pride ourselves in picking some of the best venues for excellent food and entertainment. Every ticket holder gets a 15 -20 minute one to one reading with one of our excellent readers, plus a meal or drink. Tickets are available in advance from each individual venue.

Please contact us by email or telephone for more information or to suggest a suitable venue in your area.

Mobile: 07543677250  Email: bren@brendadiskin.co.uk

Evenings Of Clairvoyance

An Evening of Clairvoyance is where one (or more) mediums gives a demonstration of their skills to an audience of several people for approximately 1.5 - 2 hours duration. There may also be a philosophical talk included. Not everyone will receive a reading.


Audience With.........

An 'Audience with' is an evening of entertainment with a Mediums or Psychic where they will demonstrate their various skills for part of the evening followed by a question and answer session and /or informal talk or other entertainment. Not everyone will receive a reading.

Clairvoyance Plus Evening (or Afternoon)

Our Clairvoyance Plus™© Afternoons and Evenings are a full 3 hours entertainment which can be tailored to your requirements. Our most popular package is 1 hour of clairvoyant messages, 1 hour teach-in or demonstration with audience participation, 1 hour question time.

Psychic Supper

A Psychic Supper is where several people sit down to a meal and will be joined at their table by one or more psychics or mediums who will give a short reading to all the people at that table. This can also be arranged so that the readings can be given at a seperate table so that they are more private.

We can also provide Pamper Evenings where the customer can have a therapeutic treatment rather than a reading if preferred. These work on the same basis.

We also offer Evenings of Clairvoyance, Audiences With, Psychic Suppers and other entertainment in various locations around Sheffield and South Yorkshire (and other areas where applicable)

Please check our online calendar or events page link for dates and locations.

We do not just offer readings we can provide a complete healing package covering mind, body and spirit. As well as readings we offer Reiki and Energy Healing, Chakra balancing, Psychic Surgery (not bare hand, uses psychic tools only), Hypnotherapy, Stress Management, Regression Therapy and other therapies that aid and enhance the client's health and well-being.

Workshops and Courses on many different topics and subjects available.


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