Brenda specialises in: Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Tarot Cards, Remote Viewing, Reiki and Spiritual Healing, Psychic Surgery and Deep Trance. She prefers to avoid the mumbo jumbo of 'fortune telling' and the pretentious, and somewhat confusing, language used by some readers in favour of straight forward, honest and accurate accounts; relating to the client's past, present and future. Her genuine psychic/mediumistic talent and no-nonsense accurate approach is a unique and winning combination for everyone she reads for.

Brenda will link in to loved ones from the spirit world, giving you their messages of reassurance. She has established a reputation as a respected, caring, clairvoyant and psychic medium. Her media appearances, public demonstrations and private readings have earned her a worldwide clientele including many show business celebrities and influential business moguls. Brenda believes in confidentiality for all her clients regardless of status, so does not normally pose for photographs with celebrity clients unless requested to do so by them.

Brenda is a Londoner who moved to Sheffield in 2001. She loves animals, the countryside, riding pillion on motorbikes, reading and writing poetry, art, dancing and anything paranormal and supernatural. She has a great sense of humour and likes to laugh. Her work is very important to her and only comes second to her loved ones.

She is an artist and published author and her latest paperback book 'The Undisciplined Witch' can be purchased from Amazon's online shop, Barnes & Noble (Nook book), Smashwords and Livraria Cultura, her other books are also available from online e-book retailers. She has written several articles and books on various subjects including poetry, psychic development, the paranormal and hauntings. Brenda is also a gifted qualified teacher who regularly organises Psychic Workshops and various Courses.

A natural medium, psychic and remote viewer Brenda has been using her gifts for many years. She was born into a family of psychics / clairvoyants, both her mother and grandmother had the gift. Her grandmother was of Celtic and French descent and it is believed she inherited the gift from her mother. This gift has also been passed to Brenda's son. As a child Brenda used to see and hear spirit on a regular basis which frightened a lot of her friends so she learnt not to speak about her 'pictures and voices'.

Brenda's first step into learning more about her gift was to join an Alexandrian coven at the age of 15. A couple of years later she decided this was not for her and although she still followed a witchy path she began her own journey of discovery. These days her beliefs are her own and her pathway is a combination of Paganism / Occultism / Witchcraft / Shamanism / Spiritualism / Metaphysics / Various other traditions and her own findings. Brenda is a traditional witch, she has no religion. She does what is necessary when it is required, she doesn't have a witchy name, she doesn't wear witchy clothes because witchcraft is there all the time it is not enhanced by fancy trimmings, it is a way of life. She is a witch, no frills, no fancy ceremonies, no calling upon deities. She works with nature and the natural, the winds, the earth, the sky, the planets, the plants, the trees and the animal kingdom. She doesn't believe in trying to alter anyone’s free will, we are all here to make our own choices and our own mistakes. She works with whatever comes naturally to her.

Brenda has been the subject of several interviews and has demonstrated her skills on various radio and TV stations and in the press. Her media appearances include: 'The Biz', 'Channel 1 news', 'British world satellite news', 'Open university', Swedish and Russian radio, Kilroy, BBC Radio 4 'Shop Talk'. BBC Radio Sheffield 'breakfast show' and 'Rony', BBC Radio York, BBC Radio Leeds, Radio Hallam ,' Psychic News', Local and National press, 'Mail on Sunday' and Take a Break Fate and Fortune magazine. She has been a consultant on various T.V. programmes and screen tested for Living TV and other TV companies. Her work has taken her to many interesting places including Westminster Abbey.

Brenda is a powerful Healer, Non-Invasive Psychic Surgeon, Reiki Grand Master/Teacher and Complimentary Therapist with many qualifications. Master of Metaphysical Science (M.Msc), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Specialising in Parapsychology, I.M.M. Ordained Metaphysical Minister.

Brenda has also assisted the police and private investigators with murder and missing person enquiries.
She organises paranormal investigations, ghost hunt nights and other events along with her partner Michael, where they endeavour to find whether there really is 'life after death'. They have had some amazing results; things have moved, lights have switched on and off; there have been various scents and smells, mists, shadows, lights, possible manifestations and electronic voice phenomena.

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